Sailing with Pets: A Guide to Rules, Regulations, and Tips

Catamaran Insurance: Sailing Through the Costs and Coverages

The Blue Frontier: Marine Ecology and the Sailor's Role in Ocean Conservation

Sailing the Atlantic Passage: Timing, Preparation, and Safe Routes

Understanding Marine Buoys: Navigation, Light Patterns, and Special Markings

Position Lights on Sailing Vessels

Battling the Elements: Preventing Corrosion Aboard in High Humidity and Saltwater Environments

Navigational Tools and Techniques

Catamaran Sails, Ropes, and Winching

Marine Toilet Systems

Physics of Catamarans and Monohulls

Sailing In Style: The Last 12 Years - A Voyage Through Time and Place

Understanding Pounding in a Catamaran

Sailing Basics and Key Maneuvers

The Beginning of Sailing in Style