Catamaran Insurance: Sailing Through the Costs and Coverages

Navigating the pristine waters on a catamaran might seem like a dream, but like all valuable assets, these elegant vessels require protection. This detailed guide takes you through the insurance costs associated with catamarans, shedding light on regional nuances, potential risks, and the variables that can swing your premiums.

Plan your catamaran insurance

Deciphering Catamaran Insurance Costs

Establishing the Baseline

On average, the insurance cost for a catamaran is typically pegged at 1.5% of its value. However, based on several factors, this rate can elevate to 3% or more. These determinants include:

  • Sailing region
  • The age and size of the catamaran
  • Surveyor assessments

Take, for example, the Aventura 37 Catamaran, priced with a full owners version buildout at $610,000. Owners can anticipate an insurance bill oscillating between $9,150 and $18,300 annually, a range established between the lower and upper limits of 1.5% and 3% respectively. Here's our list: 

CatamaranLengthCostInsurance @ 1.5%Insurance @ 3%
Bali Catsmart38 ft (11.6 m)$354,465$5,316.98$10,633.95
Lagoon 4242 ft (12.8 m)$569,000$8,535$17,070
Aventura 3737 ft (11.3 m)$610,000$9,150$18,300

We love the smaller ones, as a couple they are much easier to handle, they are cheaper, less space to clean, cheaper in Marinas, and reduced costs at the Panama or Suez channel. Our favorite is the Bali, short followed by Aventura 37.

Factors Sculpting the Premiums

Ocean Crossings

Insuring a catamaran for ocean voyages generally requires a standard premium, which falls within the 1.5% to 3% range of the vessel's worth. Furthermore, one-time crossing fees, such as the $500 to $1,000 fee for Pacific Ocean journeys, should be accounted for in the insurance budget.

Charter Use

Catamarans engaged in chartering usually find coverage under a fleet policy. While this arrangement tends to offer competitive rates, the typical premium still hovers between 1.5% and 3% of the boat's valuation.

Private Use

For sailors who privately own and operate their catamarans, annual insurance fees range from 1.5% to 2% of the declared vessel value.

Navigating Regional Nuances

Insurance premiums are not immune to geographical variations. Distinctive zones, especially those susceptible to natural hazards like hurricanes, can considerably influence insurance costs.

Mediterranean vs. California and Pacific Islands

Catamarans in the Mediterranean are typically insured at 1% of their value. In contrast, those located in California or the Pacific Islands might face double that rate. We recommend Malta as insurance harbor, it is nearly central to Italy, Greece and Tunisia. The insurances are reasonable, you just need to pay additional premium when crossings are on your agenda, but they are reasonable.

Hurricane Zones

If your journey traverses areas under hurricane warnings, especially from June 1st to November 1st, expect a surge in insurance costs. These zones encapsulate regions south of Florida, the Bahamas, and the broader Caribbean. The inherent risks of sailing in these waters during hurricane season undeniably influence the premium. That means, you have to plan your route carefully to avoid the hurricane season.

Outside the Hurricane Belts

Contrarily, regions beyond the hurricane zones, like the northern parts of Florida, generally attract more modest insurance fees, occasionally even below 1% of the catamaran's valuation.


Understanding your catamaran's insurance is much like comprehending the wind's direction – both are crucial for smooth sailing. The essence lies in acknowledging the multiple factors influencing the premium. Whether it's the catamaran's value, its condition, or your intended sailing regions, each element plays a role in the final number.


Always remember to discuss specifics with your insurance provider and gather multiple quotes. It ensures not just the safety of your vessel, but peace of mind as you sail into the horizon. Safe voyages!