About Us

Welcome to Sailing In Style! We're Alex and Alex, a couple with a shared passion for sailing, adventure, and life. 

Alex: The Startup & Digital Guy

With a keen eye for innovation and a boundless entrepreneurial spirit, I (Alexander) have founded several startups, including Scalytics, Infinimesh, Infinite Devices, and novatechflow. I was part of very successful companies, but also lost. I drove project in large enterprises and fought the exec wars.

I want to live on a boat, for the rest of of my life. That's my goal - for now ;)

Alex: The Multi-Talented Wizard

Alex, the female side of Alex^2, is  a dedicated professional who has worked at EY in various roles, brings a wealth of experience in business strategy, operations, and client engagement. But that's just one facet of her talents! A semi-professional vegan cook, she has a flair for creating delicious and nutritious meals that fuel our sailing adventures.

Not to forget, Alex is the proud operator of a cozy coffee shop, where she brews joy and connections one cup at a time. Her love for community, sustainability, and creativity shines through every aspect of her life, whether it's crafting culinary delights or managing financial projects. You can find Alex also on Instagram.

Sailing In Style

We'll be sharing our experiences, insights, and reviews of the latest water gadgets and gear, as well as tips for sailing,windsurfing, and living the ultimate water-based lifestyle. We hope you'll join us on this exciting voyage!