Exploring the Coasts of Cyprus

Picture this: The warm Mediterranean sun glinting off turquoise waters, a gentle salty breeze carrying the scent of citrus and wild herbs, and the rhythmic dance of your sailboat as it cuts through the waves. This is Cyprus, an island paradise steeped in ancient myths and blessed with a coastline that begs to be explored by sea.

If you're a soul that yearns for the thrill of wind-filled sails and the endless horizon, you've come to the right place. Get ready to hoist the anchor and set a course for adventure as we dive into the wonders of sailing in Cyprus! The Mediterranean sun beat down, turning the Aegean into a shimmering tapestry of turquoise and azure. This wasn't just another day; it was the beginning of an unforgettable adventure – sailing around the captivating island of Cyprus.

Our journey began in Limassol, the vibrant heart of the south. The bustling harbor buzzed with activity as we set sail, the imposing medieval castle standing sentinel as we navigated past fishing boats and luxury yachts. Leaving the city behind, we headed east, the coastline transforming into a dramatic display of limestone cliffs and secluded coves.

Our first stop was Akrotiri Peninsula, a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. The air filled with the calls of exotic birds as we explored hidden coves and marveled at the natural beauty of the coastline. Further east, we reached Petra tou Romiou, the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. The story goes that she rose from the sea foam on this very beach, and as we gazed upon the mesmerizing rock formations, we could almost picture her emerging from the waves.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across the water, we sought refuge in the charming Paphos Harbor. Here, history intertwined with modern-day life. We wandered through the narrow streets of the old town, exploring ancient ruins and soaking up the rich cultural heritage of the island. In the evenings, we feasted on fresh seafood caught by local fishermen, the flavors exploding on our taste buds, each bite a taste of Cypriot tradition.

Continuing our journey north, the landscape shifted. The dramatic cliffs gave way to rolling hills dotted with olive groves and quaint villages. In Kyrenia, we explored the imposing medieval castle, its battlements overlooking the picturesque harbor. Time seemed to melt away as we walked through the cobbled streets, imagining the stories these ancient walls held within.

The northern coast offered a different kind of beauty. The Karpas Peninsula unfolded before us, a haven of golden beaches and abundant wildlife. We spent days exploring secluded coves, snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, and spotting turtles basking in the sun. The slower pace of life here was a welcome change, the tranquility of nature washing away the stress of everyday life.

As our journey neared its end, we found ourselves sailing along the eastern coast. The dramatic sea caves of Cape Greco provided a stunning backdrop, their jagged openings beckoning us to explore their hidden depths. We dropped anchor in the turquoise paradise of Konnos Bay, the pristine waters and golden sand a welcome sight after days at sea.

Finally, we reached Famagusta, a historic city with a captivating story. As we sailed into the harbor, the "ghost town" of Varosha loomed, a silent reminder of the island's turbulent past. Its deserted buildings stood frozen in time, a poignant reminder of the fragility of peace.

Around Cyprus - The Marinas

Choosing the right marina can enhance your sailing adventure. Here are some top picks, each offering a unique blend of amenities and atmosphere:

  • Limassol Marina: This modern, full-service marina is a hub of activity. Enjoy a vibrant atmosphere, explore local shops and restaurants, and unwind in luxurious waterfront accommodation.
  • Larnaca Marina: Offering convenient access to the airport, Larnaca Marina provides all the essentials for a comfortable stay, including provisioning stores, boat maintenance services, and friendly staff.
  • St. Raphael Marina: Nestled close to Limassol, St. Raphael Marina boasts exclusivity and breathtaking views. Luxurious amenities and a serene atmosphere make it a perfect haven for relaxation.
  • Paphos Harbor: This charming harbor is a blend of history and modern-day conveniences. Explore traditional Cypriot life in the nearby village, enjoy fresh seafood at waterfront tavernas, and soak up the island's rich cultural heritage.
Our adventure around Cyprus had come to an end, but the memories would forever be etched in our minds. The island had woven its magic spell on us, its diverse landscapes, rich history, and warm hospitality leaving an indelible mark. As we disembarked, we knew that this wouldn't be our last voyage to this enchanting island. The call of the sea and the allure of Cyprus would surely beckon us back again someday.

Setting Sail in Paradise: Why Cyprus

  • Year-Round Sailing: Blessed by the warm embrace of the Mediterranean, Cyprus boasts an extended sailing season. While the seas are generally calm throughout, the sweet spot falls between April and October, offering the perfect blend of sunshine, gentle breezes, and predictable weather conditions.
  • A Tapestry of Coastlines: From dramatic cliffs and secluded coves to pristine beaches and bustling harbors, Cyprus boasts a diverse and ever-changing landscape. Each region offers unique experiences, ensuring your sailing adventure is never monotonous.
  • A Journey Through Time: Cyprus is a treasure trove of historical dimensions. Really, Aphrodite, the goddess of passion and love, was the first set foot here. Sailing here means sail past ancient ruins, Byzantine monasteries, and charming villages, all accessible by boat. Immerse yourself in the island's rich mythology, from the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite to the captivating "ghost town" of Varosha.
  • Navigational Nirvana: The waters around Cyprus are generally calm and predictable, particularly during the peak sailing season. This makes it a welcoming destination for both seasoned sailors and those seeking a gentle introduction to the world of sailing.

Exploring the Breathtaking Coasts

The Enchanting East

Sail along the eastern coast, where dramatic sea caves hug the shores of Cape Greco. Drop anchor in the turquoise paradise of Konnos Bay and soak up the laid-back charm of Protaras and Ayia Napa. Don't miss Famagusta, a historic port where the intriguing "ghost town" of Varosha stands as a silent testament to the island's turbulent past.

The Allure of the South

Limassol, the vibrant heart of the southern coast, offers a gateway to ancient ruins, bustling beaches, and exciting water sports. Sail east towards the Akrotiri Peninsula, a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. Then, head further east to discover Petra tou Romiou, the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

The Untamed North

The northern coast exudes a rugged beauty, offering a more secluded sailing experience. Explore the Karpas Peninsula, a haven for golden beaches and abundant wildlife. Alternatively, navigate the picturesque Kyrenia harbor with its imposing medieval castle, a testament to the island's rich history.

Chartering or Bareboating

Whether you're a seasoned sailor seeking the independence of a bareboat rental or prefer a relaxing experience with a skippered yacht, Cyprus caters to all preferences. Numerous charter companies offer a wide range of vessels to suit your needs and budget.